Film Development with Digital Scans

Film Development with Digital Scans

Just shot your 1st or 100th roll of film?  I can develop it for you!  Using consumer developing chemicals, I can develop and scan your film faster and cheaper then most labs. 


Are you an experienced film photographer?  For more information, please contact me if you would like an in depth description of my process.  

  • Development

    We will be using Cinestill Cs41 chemicals. Caution: there are always risks when shooting film. If there has been an unrelated issue with your camera and/or film, there may not be any visible negatives after development. The reason why our development process is much cheaper than typical labs is because we use consumer chemicals, which means that we do not develop huge batches of film at once. We use a slower process that allows for a more specific process for each roll of film we develop. If you would like to understand the chemicals that we use, feel free to do your own research on the Cinestill Website.  

  • Scanning

    Scanning your film transforms the negative (inverted) images on your film to digital photos!  If there are any issues with your images being too bright or dark, we will attempt to fix them without making drastic changes to image quality. If you have any preferences from previous experiences, please feel free to let us know and we will be sure to incorporate them or ask you more about them until we find the perfect process for your negatives. To find out more about our converting software, please head to

  • Shipping

    Local pick-up/drop-off is faster and cheaper than shipping in your film, but we offer both options.  You may either need to drop off your camera/film at a location near Walnut High School (in California) or ship it to that location. After we have your negatives, we can either leave it at the same location for you to pick up, or you can pay for them to shipped back to you. All negatives will be placed in protective sleeves as soon as they are dry, and if they are shipped to you, we will use padded envelopes to ensure their safe condition.